Personal training

Are you training smart?

Sometimes I meet people who train a lot, but the results are not really improving. Maybe they have been doing the same exercises for a longer time. Two things can happen:

the body gets used to it and there's no progress,or the mind gets bored and you quit training.

Training smarter means for example:

1) You focus on the exercises you actually need - no unnecessary work

2) The difficulty and intensity of the workouts is varied from time to time

3) You learn something new in the process and become more aware of your body

4) You bulletproof your body against future injuries

I can help you reach your goals, regardless of your current fitness level. Tell me of your situation, so we can discuss if I am the right trainer for you.

My offers for you

  • A 60 minute Personal training session: 125 CHF

  • 10 x 60 minute Personal training sessions: 1100 CHF

  • A carefully thought out personal training plan & one PT session: 200 CHF

Prices valid in Seegräben. I'm happy to come to your place, but for a longer drive there's understandably a (small) surcharge.

Where's that then?

Hintere Bahnhofstrasse 6

8610 Uster

Dorfstrasse 16

8607 Seegräben