Some questions answered

Our company is considering investing in the wellbeing of its staff. What can you offer?

I feel this is best to discuss in person, as the problems in different branches have different solutions. For example, office workers might benefit out of a break from static sitting with an easy but energizing workout, where as a construction company could have a proper warm-up before people start lifting heavy objects.

Having a massage therapist come to your workplace is naturally a good way to boost the well-being of anyone! Did you know that every euro invested in promoting well-being at work will bring back up to six euros? Less injuries, less sick days, more productivity and job satisfaction!

Where can you do personal training?

I have made it my mission to see workout possibilities everywhere! I am equally at home training at a gym and outdoors. If you stay a hundred nights a year travelling but don't have much time to spend training, or are out of ideas at home, I will help you get started and build with you an effective training toolkit to get fit.

Are you a nutrition coach?

Although I have studied nutrition for my own purposes, I am not a registered nutrition coach. I do have a solid understanding of a balanced diet, and can give you tips how to easily introduce healthy choises into your everyday life.

Do you work only in English?

I can work with you in English, German and Finnish.

Didn't find an answer to your question? Just choose your preferred method of contact and I'll get back to you (either in English or German).

Personal training can help you to reach your goals and be really fun. A massage with carefully selected smart exercises can help you get rid of that headache. How can I help you?

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